Film cover: how this specialist car insurance works

Australia is in the midst of a movie boom. While COVID-19 hasn’t helped a lot of industries, one beneficiary has been local film production, with a number of big budget Hollywood films shifting productions down under.

But cover for vehicles used in filming is typically excluded under a standard comprehensive motor insurance policy. Dawes Motor Insurance can help fill that gap, as one of few underwriters in Australia that provides specialist car insurance for vehicles used in filming.


How Dawes specialist film car insurance works

“We can provide film set cover as an extension of a motor PDS,” explains Dawes Motor team leader, Stephen Macri. “This cover can be useful for those making movies, TV shows or filming advertisements.”

He says that it isn’t necessary to have a comprehensive motor insurance policy with Dawes to add the cover on as an extension. “The insured may have comprehensive motor insurance with us or with another underwriting agency or insurer.”

Dawes film cover provides insurance for vehicles only when they are actually being filmed, with comprehensive motor insurance taking over when the vehicle is on set, but not in use.

“We purely provide cover for a vehicle being used for filming, while it’s being filmed and the camera is rolling. The minute the camera stops, the cover stops,” Mr Macri says, adding that production vehicles, such as those with cameras or sound equipment mounted on them, are excluded.

The cover is charged based on a daily rate and is available for anything from one day shoots to those that run for several months.


Our specialist film car insurance risk appetite in detail

Mr Macri says film cover is available for most types of vehicles, except high-end, prestige cars.

“While our core market for comprehensive insurance is classic and prestige vehicles, our film cover is available more broadly,” he explains.

Cover is provided on a market value basis only, and drivers must be older than 25. In terms of size, cover can be provided for vehicles up to four tonnes.

When it comes to vehicle usage, the cover is designed for everyday driving, with stunts excluded. “If the usage is high speed cornering or driving off-road we wouldn’t be able to provide terms but if it's just average driving across say, the Sydney Harbour Bridge or along the Great Ocean Road then that's what we cover as standard,” Mr Macri says.

However, providing cover outside of these parametres may be possible, with approval from Dawes’ capacity provider. “Everything that comes in we will look at on its own merits, on a case-by-case basis” Mr Macri adds.

In order to assess a film cover request, our underwriters will need to know the purpose of the filming and have a rundown of how the vehicle will be used in each scene, along with the locations where the filming is taking place.


First class insurance with Dawes

With Dawes’s expertise, your client’s film set vehicles are in experienced hands. Visit our website or call us on 1300 188 299 to learn more about our first class insurance for first class vehicles.

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